Artist by heart. Artist by soul.

How can I help you? 
Over the years I've accumulated a wide variety of design experience, from fine art paintings, illustrations, and portraits to logos, business cards, brochures, and other business design needs. I've worked on book cover design, page design, infographics, newsletters, and magazines. I've designed greeting cards, banners, invitations, and interactive documents. More recently I've done a great deal of work on the design and execution of long documents with hundreds of pages, numerous chapters, automatic header and footer pagination, and interactive tables of content. 
In many instances I've worked long-distance with clients. I've lived in Vermont, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and now in Ontario. We found it easy to work this way, with file sharing over Dropbox.
I have a long background in the printing industry, with knowledge about the physical aspects of the printed page. I bring this knowledge with me every time design for a client. 
On the personal side? I wear a lot of hats. Most recently I have opened a teaching studio where I hold classes for all ages in creative arts and creative writing. You can visit my studio site here:
My husband and I recently settled down on a property in South Eastern Ontario with our three greyhounds and eighteen hens. (Don't worry, we keep them separated. :) The dogs have a half acre fenced, and the chickens have the run of the rest of the property.)
There are already some nice old apple trees on the land that we want to rejuvenate, and we intend to put in and keep a large vegetable and fruit garden. 
We spend our spare time volunteering with local greyhound adoption groups.
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