Selina Kray is a Montreal based LGBTQ romance writer. She was headed to a conference in the UK and need promotional materials that combined the cover of her already published book with a promotional cover for her "coming soon" book. I had a couple of ideas, bounced them off her, and then, after a series of emails, I created this cover. 
"Working with Robin was wonderful. She has exceptional creative instincts, is professional and accommodating, and is able to tailor the work to your vision while giving shrewd advice. She guides you through the process with a gentle hand and meticulous attention to detail. The work is improved by her insight, talent, and years of experience." 
 ~ Selina Kray - Author~
These are a two-sided promotional flyer and two book marks used as goodie bag stuffers.

The artwork of Hieronymus and Timothy was created by Mila May.

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